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Stonehurst's Rates ~

Welcome to Stonehurst Riding Center (SRC) and thank you for looking into Stonehurst for your horse(s) needs. We pride ourselves in putting the horse first! Stonehurst has on-site management and our highly trained staff are here daily to provide the highest quality of care for each horse on property. We welcome you to come and meet us and see Stonehurst in person. We have a wonderful location, facility, and environment here! We also welcome all breeds!  

Monthly Rates on Horse Care ~ updated on 8.30.2020

Training: $40 a work or $350 a month
Training on Sale Horses: $785 (first three months)

Stall Board with or without turn out: 
$575 Indoor Barn 
$550 Stone Barn
$525 Training or Lower Barn

Pasture Board: $350 (does not include grain)

Leasing a Horse:
Partial starting at: $350 and half expenses, Full $500 and expenses
Horses available - 502.550.5631 or Natacha.L@live.com

Stonehurst is proud to be feeding McCauley's Bros Feed.

* Horse care includes: watering, feeding, day stall cleaning (except on Thanksgiving and Christmas), catered training and turn out program (weather permitted (if you want your horse in or out you can text staff during business hours) we have a lot of options with 3 outdoor arenas if the fields are too wet - no turn out on Sunday by staff or training barn stalls cleaned, owners on property, and set up appointments as needed if client wants (farrier, vet, etc…) 

** Board is due by the 1st of the month. After the 10th of the month a late fee of $50 will be added on to that month's board. 

Other Services on Horse Care ~

Additional Rates:

Third Horse Discount (paid on same owner account): $50 

Request Individual Ground Work or Riding: $40

Additional Care per Day (medical/grooming/etc): $5 min.

Horse Holding, Catching a Horse, Request on office/paperwork, Work on stall/tack locker, or Etc...: $10 min. 

TheraPlate Monthly Fee: (if staff does this you will need to provide fly spray during Spring/Summer months if not an additional $25 a month will be added for fly spray)
$25 if owner does this on their own
$45 not held (will put your horse on 2/3 times a week plus you can put them on more)
$65 if held (will put your horse on 2/3 times a week plus you can put them on more)
Farm Ice Boots: $5 each time, if staff does $10, if staff and has to watch $25, if damaged replace at cost

Additional Feed if needed: Top Line AM and PM Supplement at 1 cup a feeding $30 and 2 cups a feeding $50. Extra Grain (over 1 scoop per feeding: $15 per month per quarter scoop. Owner can also provide own feed if stored in an appropriate container.)
                                           Hay (if over 2 flakes per feeding): .50 cents a flake of Hay and wanting 3 flakes a feeding add $1 per day on your month payment.

                                           Hay if need soaked (from vet orders): $1 per feeding

Supplements or Medicine: bill at cost if needed 

                         Boarding Clients must have supplements prepared in order to not have a monthly set up fee
 Supplements in AM no charge to give if prepared, PM Supplements is $1 a day.

Deworming Schedule: (if you have questions ask manager and or vet) 

Spring (by April 15th) please show hard copy if done by vet or if done by owner put in the bucket labeled for deworming tubes in the feed room. Prefer something like Zimecterin Gold - needs ivermectin and praziquantel and please give the correct weight dose. 

Summer (by June 15th) Fecal Test. Please give hard copy to manger or drop in box the results outside the indoor training tack room. 

Fall (by November 15th) please show hard copy if done by vet or if done by owner put in the bucket labeled for deworming tubes in the feed room. Prefer something like Quest Plus - needs to have praziquantel containing inside. Some breeds can not have quest plus and please give the correct weight dose.

Daily Fly Spray: $25 (must provide own fly spray; staff will spray one time per day except Sunday)
Training Horse on Fly Spray: $25 a month or must provide fly spray bottle at stall & labeled please

Clipping: General: $15, Show Clip: $30, Show Clip (razor) AHA: $50, Legs: $25, Trace Body: $80 min., Body Clip: $100 min., If needed assistant $20 minimum.

Request Tail Care and/or put up: $25

After Hours Delivery or Pick Up Hauling: $40 

Blanketing Request for Clients during business hours: $5 per request

Storage and Wash of Blanket: $25 each per year

Hay: budgeted two flakes a feeding. Per extra flake .50 cent. If horse on 3 flakes a feeding add a $1 per day for that month to board. Winter Hay Surcharge: $10 per month min. if needed; normally (Dec., Jan., Feb.) If suppliers on hay do a hay increase on bales for round or square or we have to drive farther to a supplier that will be pass on to the clients. 

Winter Heated Bucket: $10 per month if needed 

Equipment Monthly Rental Tack from Stonehurst Fee (for riding): ground work supplies - $15, riding equipment - $25, riding equipment with lack of cleaning after use - $35

Tack Box Rental Per Year (if you use a farm locker "tack box" not for indoor stabling barn): $180 

If Client Horse is gone for over 30 days and Client Items are not picked up then those items are property of SRC

Trailer Parking:
 $20 a month for smaller trailers  
 $35 a month for large trailers

Video Session and Editing: Starting at $120 min.

Sale Horses: Commission Fee 15% Finder Fee 2 to 4%

Credit Card Processing Fee: TBA soon...

SRC Office Processing Entry Form for Shows: $15 Non Rated, $20 Rated

If SRC has to cover a Client Entry Fees for shows: $55

Show Fees:
Mats Rental $35 a show or Transportation of Mats is $25 a show
Braiding by staff Forelocks $5, French Mane $15, French Mane with bows $25, Button Hunter $55, Button Dressage $45, Hunter Tail $45, Hunter Tail with bows $55, Pulled Mane $25 without assistant or $35 with assistant
Day Rate $150 horse/rider
Set up, tack stalls, grooms, hotel expenses will be prorated out by clients.
        Equipment Fee if client does not have their on horse equipment provided: Min $5 to Max $50

Show Horse Request: 

       If you want to use a training or lesson horse and do not own or lease horse. Please asked your instructor on details. If you want to lock in a horse for shows would be smart to do a lease. 


Horse(s) needing special turn out, additional care, additional grooming, additional feed or bedding requesting will be discussed.

Hours for Boarders: 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM

Balance Due Upon Receipt.

Program Fees Subject To Change Without Notice. 30 Days Notice Minimum for not an additional month charged.

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